Everyone Has a Pen

I visited an art gallery a few months back.  The owner was such a nice guy – showing us all of his work.  Of course – he was willing to show his work so that we can buy something.  He was a photographer and had some stunning images of the island that we happened to […]

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The Value of a Bad Grade

I was reflecting on a particular paper that I wrote in high school.  I remember the topic and my grade, but this one paper really opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking. The topic is irrelevant.  The main idea is that my teacher that was grading the paper did not agree with […]

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A Subjective Job

I heard someone talk about this today.  I don’t know that they would call it this, but I thought it was a great identity insight in light of the job that you do. The way that they described a Subjective Job is that it is a job where you people can really, really like what […]

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I Learn Best

……when I teach. You teachers know what I am talking about.  If you have never taught before, you will realize that the best way to learn is to teach.  I’m not saying anything new.  There have been many people out there that have written about this, and I absolutely love this about teaching. Last night […]

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What Teachers Do

I have been teaching for a few years now.  It has been the most interesting and funny enough – educational time in my life.  I’ve spent most of my life in school. I was thinking about What Teachers Do, and there are so many things that teachers do.  But the main thing that teachers do […]

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Your Dumb Teacher

…….might have given you a label that some lazy teacher gives them.  It happens all the time – a lazy teacher who doesn’t know how to care for a child will label him and get him out of her class – because teaching for her is a job and not calling.  Pathetic. Some kids get […]

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More Grace

As a teacher and eternal student, I have been in a context where it’s all about more knowledge, more information, more research – just more data.  Well, I guess it’s also getting A’s and more advance degrees.  It’s built into my life.  I have a doctorate in education.  It’s my job and it’s my passion. […]

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