Yeah Yeah Yeah

This post is not about the famous indie rock band. This is the annoying thing that I say when I don’t really want to hear what you have to say.  It’s an awful identity feature of mine. The thing is, I don’t even realize that I do this.  It’s amazing what comes to mind when […]

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I Hate How He Thinks

I heard the guy behind me at the cafe say this. The thing about this line is that he got emotional about someone’s thinking.  He then talked about how illogical and incorrect this other person’s thinking was. It is interesting to me that it started with an emotion.  He hated.  He hates how someone thinks, […]

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The Value of a Bad Grade

I was reflecting on a particular paper that I wrote in high school.  I remember the topic and my grade, but this one paper really opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking. The topic is irrelevant.  The main idea is that my teacher that was grading the paper did not agree with […]

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Identity Decisions

They shape identity.  Whether you spend lots of time thinking about them or not, your decisions shape who you become.  You are who you are today because of decisions that you’ve made.  You can probably think of decisions that you’ve made that have shaped your sense of identity and self. But there are those decisions […]

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Sometimes You Need Help

I wrote a post that I called Becoming What You Hate.  I have been thinking about it quite a bit.  I know what I hate, and it’s just natural to become it.  I wonder if it’s because I think about it so much. As I’ve thought about it more, I started thinking about some of […]

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What Calms You?

What Calms You? Do you even need to be calm? Some of us live such fast-paced lives that we don’t even know that we need to be calm. That place where you are calm is a great place for shaping identity. When you are calm, you can freely think and process identity. When you are […]

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Cognitive Reframing

Ever heard of this? It’s a fancy way to say that you can reason your way out of anything. It means that you can change your mind and make excuses for it. It means that you rethink things to make it makes sense. Maybe it’s someone helping you understand it better. Call it what you […]

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