Identity Decisions

They shape identity.  Whether you spend lots of time thinking about them or not, your decisions shape who you become.  You are who you are today because of decisions that you’ve made.  You can probably think of decisions that you’ve made that have shaped your sense of identity and self. But there are those decisions […]

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Why A Watch?

I recently got a watch as a gift.  It was a gorgeous watch.  It’s very cool looking.  I didn’t recognize the brand so I did a quick Google search for it.  It’s worth quite a lot.  It’s quite a nice watch. I have a few watches actually.  Nice watches.  They aren’t cheap ones either.  They […]

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Identity Drive

My best time for reflection and creating of identity happens when I drive.  I love driving.  It’s the best time for me to reflect on identity.  I’m always thinking about identity anyway, but there’s just something that happens when I drive. The thing that I love about it is that driving holds just enough of […]

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25 / 8 = 3.12500 While that might be true, I heard someone say that they were so busy that they were going to make their hours of the day and days of the week – 25/8. How busy are you?  We are all busy – some of us more than others, but I personally […]

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Rule Your Email

…or it’ll rule you. I think this might be a Tim Ferris idea, but limit your time on email.  I used to respond to every e mail as soon as I got it.  What ends up happening is that I then am glued to the phone. What I’ve found is that if I don’t “push” […]

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