Confession and Identity

I don’t know what you think about when you hear the word Confession.  Maybe you picture something that happens in church with a priest.  Maybe it’s just a tough conversation with your friend.  Maybe you write it down.  Confession though is a great affirmation of identity. Think about what happens in confession.  Confession is a […]

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On the Basketball Court

We were watching the Oprah interview of the Miami Heat big 3.  There was a group interview and there were individual interviews.  Tonight, as I listened  to Oprah interview Chris Bosh and Duane Wade, there was something that both of them said that stood out as an incredible identity insight.  They both said that they […]

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A Love Letter

….is never about the person that receives the letter.  The love letter is always about the person that writes it.  There is nothing as pure and nothing that clearly demonstrates one’s identity like a lover letter is able to. When one writes a love letter, they are searching their heart and their emotions for words […]

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True Celebration

….will demonstrate true self.  If you really want to see someone’s true self, watch them celebrate.  It almost doesn’t matter if it’s a touchdown or getting a job.  What they do to celebrate will reveal their true self. Consequently, seeing someone really, really angry would show the same thing.

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