The High Five

I was watching a show – Dhani Tackles the Globe.  Have you ever seen it?  He travels the world and he thinks that in order to really get to know the culture, you have to learn about the games that they play.  There are other shows that focus on the food and the…well, culture, but this […]

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Texify from GCB

Did you watch GCB tonight?  I mean, I know that the pilot was shown previously, but the season started tonight – mid-season at that. I wanted to watch it just because of the Christian undertones in the show.  I read a few reviews of the show online and it seems that Christians aren’t really into […]

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Why We Watch Reality TV

I watched a few of these shows today.  It has the power to suck you in and make you watch.  I watched a show about towing cars today (I quite liked that one), one of the housewives of orange county show (not the whole thing), and now I’m watching swamp people.  What do these shows have […]

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Your TV Show

I was talking with a friend tonight, and he is the creator/producer of a show.  This show is about to get picked up.  How cool would it be to get creator/producer credits for a tv show?  I would like that. Now, I am always thinking about the identity angle for most everything.  When I was […]

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Happy Trees

We have hundreds of channels on our tv.  Sometimes there’s so much to watch that it’s hard to choose.  There was a time when we could watch a tv show having to do with Happy Trees.  If you don’t even know what I’m talking about – you were probably born in the 90’s or you […]

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First World Problems 2

I saw this hashtag again this morning.  I wrote about it once before here.  There are people in the world without running water or flushing toilets, but we have first world problems such as: – The barista at Starbucks is taking too long. – I can’t find my charger for my iPad 2. – AT&T […]

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