Asynchronous and Absent

That describes the online conversations of so many Twitterers.  Conversations happen over time.  It might sometimes be days before you respond or reply to a tweet to you.  You don’t even think anything about it when you don’t get a reply.  Sometimes you might be surprised to get one immediately.  It’s the way things are […]

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My Klout Influential Topics

I never check my Klout scores.  It only means something to Klout people.  I recently checked and happened to see my most influential topics.  Since I only connect with Twitter and not Facebook, these are topics from just tweets.  I’ll list them with a comment or two, and I don’t think they’re in any particular […]

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Identity Accountability

Recently, I wrote about my Foodie Identity.  I’m not even sure what that means, but one thing about any of your identities – your true friends will call you out on it.  They will provide identity accountability for you even when you’re not asking for it. Every status update or tweet that I have written […]

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Your Online Identity

I saw the following tweet by Sally Hogshead, and it has implications for your online identity. SallyHogshead “If you *suck* in real life, you will *suck* online.” ~ @rory_vaden Your true self in the real world, will be the basis of all of your projected selves – whether online or not.  The reality of that […]

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The Word Tweet

Is the word Tweet a word?  It is definitely a colloquialism not meant for formal speech or writing.  There is such a thing as a Tweet, but technically, you shouldn’t use it for formal speeches or writing. Just FYI.  Why don’t you “tweet” this. Read this article if you want to read more about this.

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Why We Keep Using the Internet

It provides us almost immediate positive reinforcements and that encourages us to keep coming back.  When you click a link, you are given something to look at, experience, and play with. The actions are immediate – depending on who’s on.  If you tweet, you can get retweeted.  If you update your status, it can get […]

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