Gathering Around a #Hashtag

I heard someone talk about this idea.  He had started a hashtag – mainly as a snarky remark – and a million tweets later, he realized that he had tapped into something deeper than he had originally intended. We long to belong.  I’ve written about how we need to belong.  Although we have individual identities, […]

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What My Sandwich Tweet Means

Have you ever heard anyone complain about the seemingly mindless posting about what one eats or what one is doing? Explicitly, it might seem innocuous and boring to share about sandwiches and the beverage choice of the moment. Implicitly, it could mean so many things. – I need attention. – I am projecting my need […]

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Digital Support

This is when we tell our friends over tweets, status updates, and texts that we are about to embark on some momentous occasion.  The responses are typically prayers and words of encouragement. That’s the world we live in now.  We tweet a feeling and our friends – our true friends come to the rescue.  They […]

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Tweets as Self-Affirmation

I read some tweets today that totally sounded like someone’s inner monologue, and when I asked about it, they affirmed the fact that they do indeed use Twitter to project their inner monologue.  It seems like lots of tweets look like this. But what I’ve also noticed is that people use Twitter to self-affirm themselves. […]

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Digital Deaths of Celebrities

So for World AIDS Day – tons of celebrities are going dark or they’re going to be digitally dead.  They’re trying to raise a million bucks for World AIDS Day.  No matter how cool it is that they’re trying to raise money, the thing that people are talking about is how since they’re dead – […]

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Behavior Translated into Tweets

OC WordCamp was yesterday. This was the first WordCamp that I’ve ever been to. I learned so much about WordPress and thoroughly had great time. At times, I was both lost and intrigued. I picked up vocabulary and there were more acronyms used than I know. There were times when the speakers used acronyms to […]

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