The Way Family Podcast

I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Way Family Podcast.  It comes out June 20, 2016 and you can find it here.  We talked about #identityformation and the impact that #socialmedia can have on identity.  We also briefly talked about extended adolescence and the way that #millenials are being formed because of […]

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Twitter Validation

Evidently, there is this Twitter service that you can use that will validate whether a person is following you or some bot is following you.  The bot can’t navigate the validation service I guess.  So this service is suppose to validate the people that I follow or are following me.  I really don’t get it. […]

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Asynchronous and Absent

That describes the online conversations of so many Twitterers.  Conversations happen over time.  It might sometimes be days before you respond or reply to a tweet to you.  You don’t even think anything about it when you don’t get a reply.  Sometimes you might be surprised to get one immediately.  It’s the way things are […]

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Shout Into the Void

I was listening to a podcast yesterday, and I heard Gina Trapani say this line.  The context of the conversation had to do with how on Twitter – we can Shout Into the Void and not be heard.  In context, it makes sense.  They were talking about being saying things that need to be heard. […]

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A Stats Identity

We live in such a stats identity don’t we.  Our identities revolve around how many people we have following us on Twitter or what the US News and World Report ranking is for the college that we went to.  You name it – the things we eat and use in everyday life all have a […]

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Blog Fast

I haven’t written a post in about 10 days.  It’s been really good.  Of course, there was a eek of camping and rock climbing and jumping off rocks and walking through rivers and “experiences” outside.  It was great to be outside. I felt differently when I came home.  I think I was tired physically, but […]

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Everyone Eavesdrops

Tonight, I tweeted that I was wondering where the word “bobby pin” came from.  I had a few responses, but a new friend Natalie tweeted back the answer.  She also said that she didn’t “mean to eavesdrop” to which I tweeted back – Everyone Eavesdrops, it’s Twitter. It used to be rude to eavesdrop on […]

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