My Klout Influential Topics

I never check my Klout scores.  It only means something to Klout people.  I recently checked and happened to see my most influential topics.  Since I only connect with Twitter and not Facebook, these are topics from just tweets.  I’ll list them with a comment or two, and I don’t think they’re in any particular […]

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What My Sandwich Tweet Means

Have you ever heard anyone complain about the seemingly mindless posting about what one eats or what one is doing? Explicitly, it might seem innocuous and boring to share about sandwiches and the beverage choice of the moment. Implicitly, it could mean so many things. – I need attention. – I am projecting my need […]

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Unfollow Anxiety

I wasn’t aware of this, but you can track those that unfollow you on Twitter. is a site that helps you track those that unfollow you – Thank you @Savasavasava.  We had a quick tweet conversation about those that choose to unfollow us on Twitter. I have decided to save myself the drama of […]

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A Double Life

I saw that in a tweet today, and they were referring to having 2 Twitter profiles.  I tweeted back – anyone that has a persona online lives a double life.  They have their online identity and then their real life identity. Both reflect them, but aren’t completely them.  Having a double life – developmentally – […]

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Automated Relationships

Friendships have become a numbers game.  We have automated our friendships so that the app is now managing our relationships.  The app will send you a thank you e mail and even tweet our ideas for us.  We are gaming the numbers so that we can have more friends and followers and that in turn […]

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