The Semiotics of Cute Shoes

I once wrote a post about the Semiotics of Clothes. As with most of my posts, I never remember the genesis of the thought, and the thought might not even be novel, but they are mine so I write about them. I realize that I don’t really understand this particular topic well, but Cute Shoes […]

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Just Need to Know

Have you ever met anyone like that?  It’s that person that just needs to know.  It doesn’t matter what the topic might be – they just need to know what it is that you know.  You might be that person – You Just Need to Know. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with […]

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Change the World

I see it alot.  There are tons of places that want to change the world.  I just graduated, and the phrase was all over the place.  I didn’t even know that it was a phrase that they were using. Now, I totally get it.  I’ve talked about changing the world.  I think I know what […]

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When Others Celebrate You

When others celebrate you, what are you like? Do you like it? Do you celebrate yourself? Do you hate it? Do you hide? Do you like the attention? Do you talk to everyone? Are you tired when it’s done? Do you need control of everything that happens in the party? Could you care less? Do […]

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A City Identity

The city that you live in will shape your identity.  Live somewhere long enough and you start talking like them – dressing like them – eating like them – driving like them – and maybe if you stay long enough you might become one of them. I listened to 2 guys today talk about how […]

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The YouTube Trap

Have you ever fell for that YouTube trap of watching more videos than you should?  Come on.  You know what I’m talking about.  Last night I fell for that trap.  I was looking for a song, and listened to the original.  Then I wanted to hear a live version of the original artists – then […]

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You Can’t Hide Identity

It is impossible to hide it.  Even when you’re trying to hide it, that still says something about who you are.  Everyone you know wears their identity – both literally and figuratively. It is definitely something that you can put on and then take off.  If you’re walking around in a soccer uniform, we know […]

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