The Time for Movements

I heard someone say that today.  We are living in a time of movements.  I am sure you can tell me about the ones you’ve studied or watched on the news.  Just think back a few months ago to the Occupy Movement.  It’s easy these days to be a part of a movement.  All you […]

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Critique Your Own Work

I heard this concept today. I quite liked the idea. It was said of a popular artist today who had written a book and took the time to critique his own work. They then started talking about how it was such a mature and humble thing to do. The reason he did it was to […]

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Anytime You Create

…..there needs to be intention, thought, and design. Ask anyone that creates, and you’ll find out that creating is not that easy.  Sometimes it’s born out of pain and suffering.   Sometimes your creation is born out of love and passion.  But it’s not easy. There’s is so much that goes into creating. Intention – […]

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The Line Between Work and Play

I was watching a show last night about the most life changing gadgets.  They ranked the top gadgets of our lifetime, and gave a little history lesson on each device. The number one device that has changed our lives was a gadget that actually integrates 15 other gadgets into one – at least that’s what […]

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Measuring Happy

You can measure work.  It’s measured by hours.  Some measure it by the amount of money that they make.  Whether you work hard or not, you can measure that amount much easier than you can Measure Pleasure or Happiness. I was listening to a talk this week, and I’ve been thinking about this idea all […]

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Fight the Resistence

If you’ve read any of Seth Godin’s books lately, you have probably read about how you need to fight the resistence. Steven Pressfield also talks about the resistence, and I think Seth might have gotten the idea from him. It doesn’t matter where it came from, both of them talk about the resistence as something […]

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