Confluence of Events

con·flu·ence  (knfl–ns) n. 1. a. A flowing together of two or more streams. b. The point of juncture of such streams. c. The combined stream formed by this juncture. 2. A gathering, flowing, or meeting together at one juncture or point e·vent  (-vnt) n. 1. a. Something that takes place; an occurrence. b. A significant occurrence or happening. See Synonyms at occurrence. c. A social […]

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Think About Learning

I love listening to professors.  I’m a professor.  I don’t mind if people listen to me or not, but I love to listen to professors.  More than that – I love to learn.  I love learning what professors have learned and studied. I was listening to a professor share his ideas.  I wrote about him […]

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LL47: The Bruce Lee Lesson

I know you know Bruce Lee as an amazing martial artist and a movie star, but did you know that he was quite the philosopher, thinker, and writer as well. I learned yesterday that Bruce Lee did a ton of writing.  He would be quite the blogger today if he was still alive.  He would […]

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You Can’t Choose

Whenever you put yourself out there – either in a blog post, a picture, a lecture, or a youtube video – you open yourself up to 2 things.  You either open yourself up to ridicule and negativity, or you somehow provide enlightenment to those that check out your ideas.  It’s great when you bring enlightenment, […]

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Humbling and Humiliating

There is nothing more Humbling and Humiliating than blogging. I heard that in a podcast.  I think it might have been Mitch Joel that said it.  It is so true.  When you blog, you put your ideas and thoughts out there.  When you blog, you open yourself up to humiliation.  There is nothing more humbling […]

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My Laptop is Dying

Do you know that feeling, or have you ever experienced that feeling?  It’s the feeling of your laptop dying.  It’s become so much a part of me and my writing.  I’ve enjoyed this macbook.  I am an Apple.  It has given me identity. The more that I think about it, the more I realize how […]

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I Have Strong Opinions

That’s what someone told me this afternoon. It was followed with an opportunity to write an article for a publication. I was then flattered to get an opportunity to write. I am just amazed at the opportunities that are available. I have a handful or writing projects and they keep coming, but that’s not what […]

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