Owning My Selfishness

I have been taught all of my life to not be selfish.  The problem is, I am quite selfish.  I think we all are.  At the core of your selfishness – you find your SELF.  To not be selfish is to not be you. But at a point in your development – when you’re secure […]

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What’s Already In You

As I write this – I think about how simple this idea is, but sometimes it’s the simple ones that really stand out and grabs my attention.  This idea has. When something is done to us – we will typically “blame” our response or reaction on the person that has done something to us.  Don’t get […]

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Everyone Overcompensates

Everyone overcompensates. Everyone has insecurities. Everyone has ADD. We all talk to ourselves.  Some of us are actually kind to ourselves. We all get lonely sometimes. We all need friends. We all get hungry. We all think about what other people think about us – but many of us don’t really know that for sure. […]

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