Create me

I was thinking about the Jamesian “I” and the Jamesian “me.” They are the 2 aspects of self. I was talking with a student yesterday about the “essential self” or what some people call the “ideological” self, and the “functional self” or “interpersonal self.” Two ideas come to mind.

First of all, I was absolutely impressed that this student had the categories for these 2 versions of self. He was able to articulate the self that one projects (me) and the self (I) that creates and reflects on the created me’s.

Second, even though he was able to articulate that “I” and the “me” – He still had a hard time integrating the idea that both the “I” and the “me” are still the same person. He was trying to figure out which self – in his friend – he wanted to talk to. The theory helps us to understand the person, but it doesn’t help us figure out how to talk to the person.

The other random thought about the “me” is that we – according to William James everyone has the ability to create “me’s.” We can create all kinds of “me’s.” I am not sure James was reading the Psalmist when he came up with these ideas, but the psalmist would ask God to create in me – a clean heart. I think we can create “me’s,” but I also think that the Holy Spirit in us can help to create “me.” It’s the renewing of your mind action of the Word that does it. The “I” is still creating “me,” but it can do so with Power and Anointing.

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