Constructing Identity

Identity can be constructed.  Identity can be self-constructed, but it can also be socially-constructed – which I thnk is just another form of self-construction, but initiated by social interaction. 

Self-Construction: It is when you consciously or subconsciously determine your own identity.  You construct possible roles or me’s that determine your identity.  You can project a certain look or confidence about yourself.  You can come across how ever you want to.  You construct your sense of self and identity.

Socially-Construction: Happens when certain social interactions and relationships shape your identity.  It is the development of the pseudo-self.  It is external validation of identity or self.  In relationship, others can validate your sense of self, and it could be a positive validation.  Other times, the validation comes from a perceived attitude or perceived conditioning that then shapes identity.  One can superimpose what they think other’s are thinking about themselves – and that then shapes identity = your perception of someone’s perception of you.  Ultimately, you create a perception of a perception that creates you.  Touching isn’t it. 

Understand that identity can be constructed.  The self can construct it or it can be constructed by social interactions.

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