18 Months

So we had a staff retreat for Cross Church San Diego this weekend.  We had a great speaker/consultant who was perfect for what we needed at this time.  His name is John Cope and he’s pastor at a church out in Philadelphia.  He shared so many important and fascinating things.  There’s no way that I can remember all of the pithy sayings that He shared.  I actually took notes on another computer so I will just start the list of pithy sayings and then I’ll add the sayings – as I reread my notes.

– The organization will take on the personality of the leader in 18 months.

– The DNA of the organization drives all of the decisions on programming – that we make.

– Everything that you do has to be building the net or building the potential net – The net being an metaphor for the people in your tribe.

More when I get my other computer…..

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