Functional Dualism

I was thinking about my previous post on Leading vs. Managing.  This post is so random.  This is what happens when you take to much time thinking about it.

First thought: Is it weird to think about your blog post through out the day?  I just keep mentally chewing on it all day.  I think that it is kinda weird to ponder your own blog posts.

Second thought: Thinking through the tension of leading vs. managing, I thought about how we – in the US – tend to be “functional dualists.”  We tend to think of things in terms of this or that; black or white; right or wrong; secular or sacred; and on and on.

I like the tension, but more importantly, it’s this thing that we’ve created to make us feel better about it.  It helps us to categorize our ideas and feelings.  Instead of thinking through and processing through every argument, we just choose one over the other and just lump everything in that category.  We will choose sacred and have nothing to do with secular.  We just try to lump everything in sacred so that we aren’t secular at all in anything.

I think our functional dualism is for our benefit.  It gives us easy categories to fit some things – and not deal with other things.  It’s an excuse to not think through every detail of every argument for or against something.  The tension is good.  it helps me to be sacred and secular.

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