What are your thoughts on Freedom?  We just celebrated our Freedom and the Freedoms that we enjoy in this country – and wow we celebrate in an interesting way.

The focus of the service in church yesterday was also Freedom.  It was really interesting for me as a worship leader, I was setting up the next song.  As I was saying my planned speech to set up a song, an idea hit me.  We had just spent the day before celebrating the freedoms that we have in our country, and as I was setting up the freedom that we have in the Spirit, I realized that sometimes the church is not the safest place to share your stuff.  It was a challenge to the congregation and myself to be a community that experiences that freedom where mercy and grace flows – where freedom reigns.  The church is not always the safest place to be free.

But one other thought hit me.   Almighty, Creator God has come down to be involved in a relationship with me.  In that relationship, I have the freedom – to be who He has created me to be.  In that relationship, I have the freedom to be ME.  It’s freeing when we live out our calling.  It’s freeing to live in the mercy and grace that is available for us in our time of need.

One last thing, we in our western, industrialized comfortable worldviews are pretty good at celebrating these things – in one day.  So today I celebrate Christmas, Easter, and Independence Day.  I’m sure there are other things to celebrate as well.  How did you celebrate Freedom this weekend?  Are you done celebrating?  Celebrate with me.

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