Leading a Movement

I watched a Seth Godin video again on Tribes. When you leave something for awhile and you listen again, you’re able to pick up things that you’ve missed from previous viewings.

According to Seth, what’s important is leading a movement and anyone in any field can do this. This time around, I focused on 2 things. The first was his 3 questions at the end of the talk. The second was what leaders had in common. If you want to lead a tribe and start a movement, according to Seth, this is where you begin.

The 3 questions were:
1. Who exactly are you upsetting? Cause if you’re not upsetting anyone, you’re not changing the status quo.
2. Who are you connecting? Because for a lot of people, that’s what they’re in it for.
3. Who are you leading? Because focusing on that part of it, not the mechanics of what you’re building – but the who and the leading part is where change comes.

Here’s what leaders have in common: The 5 C’s
1. Challenge – they challenge the status quo
2. Culture – they build a culture
3. Curiosity – they’re asking questions
4. Connect – they connect people to one another
5. Charisma – it comes from the leading
6. Communicate – they communicate to the tribe and the tribe to each other
7. Commit – they commit to the tribe

Who are you leading?


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