LL8: Everyone’s a Leader

There is a new paradigm of leadership where the leadership of an organization are not the only ones expected to lead. The new way is where everyone in the organization is expected to demonstrate leadership – not just the leader.

It takes a pretty secure leader to foster an environment where everyone in the organization needs to – in their own way and within their realm – lead. We want an organization full of leaders – not just the one leader at the top. In fact, you don’t even need a leadership position to change an organization. You can change the culture of the organization at any level. Leadership is about change. Leadership is about challenging the status quo.

If your leader is truly a leader – then he won’t mind you challenging the status quo – because if he was truly a leader, he’d be doing the same. If he was a manager though – there are expected outcomes that aren’t conducive for change. Your leader will foster your leadership. Hopefully though, you guys are about the same movement. Hopefully, you’re working together to change the status quo.

I like the idea of an organization full of leaders as opposed to just one leader leading the entire organization. I guess it this type of leadership is what I was talking about in LL6.

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