Untested Theoretical Constructs

I heard this phrase today. The context of which was an idea that basically governed actions and behavior. It is the idea that there are theoretical constructs that drive what people do, but that these ideas were untested. They just blindly believed it with out testing it.

My professor calls it a False Fixed Idea – an idea that is not true at all, but because of the value that we place on it, it is fixed – it is a foundation of many thoughts. I briefly referred to it in a post, but the focus of that post was a little different. The idea of this post is that there are untested theoretical constructs in our lives – ideas that aren’t test that govern and drive behavior and action – False Fixed Ideas.

I also listened to another talk today about challenging those ideas that were put in our heads when were children – that still govern actions and behavior – nay feelings today (evidently I’m working on my Middle English). You know what I’m talking about. Those phrases and ideas that we were told as children – like – you’re not good enough; you’re ugly; you’re to lazy; you’re an idiot; you’re not wanted – I don’t know what you were told. I’m talking about all of those things that people that we love have said to us – that are debilitating and destructive – untested theoretical constructs that hold us back.

I’ll think through mine and I’ll share them when I figure them out. I’ll call them UTC’s when I come up with some.

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