LL9: Leaders Don’t React

Leaders don’t react. They make change which everyone else reacts to. If a leader reacts to something – that’s exactly the thing that needs to be changed.

I know it’s not original with me. I’ve been listening to so many things and reading so many things that I have no idea where I got it. My guess is that it was a Seth Godin video I watched, but it could have been many other things. It doesn’t really matter.

When a leader has a vision for what something that should be and makes a change, he leads through that change. When the change happens, everyone else is the one that reacts to the change. The leader won’t react to it – everyone else reacts. The leader doesn’t react because he was the one that made the change.

But when a leader does react to something, that is the thing that needs to be changed. A reaction can lead to a change which only leaders are willing to do. What changes am I leading? What am I reacting to? Answering these questions help me to become a better leader.

Once again, these are my leadership lessons. The ones that I’m learning – not the ones that I’m teaching.

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