LL12: The Era of Grassroots Change

It’s a phrase that I heard while listenting to Tribes this morning.   It is the era of grassroots change.  Anyone can lead.

You don’t need to be at the top to lead change.  You don’t need a position to lead change.  You don’t need to manage your way to change – actually, management never leads to change – it leads to doing the same stuff better, faster, and cheaper.

It is possible for anyone in any organization to lead change.  The right person doing the “wrong” thing leads to change.  Hopefully, it leads to good change.  Honestly, a leader can still lead change even if it’s not the kind of change that the leaders up top want.  Leaders that change things are leaders – whether those changes are good or bad.

It only takes one event.  It only takes one talk.  It only takes one blog post.  It only takes one image.  It only takes one word to make change – even down at the street level.  It is possible to lead where the people are.  In fact, the leader that isn’t where the people are will miss out because lots of the ideas that lead to change are coming from the street level – and the managers up top have to try and manage it.

It is the creativity of a person that can’t stand the status quo any longer.  Lead the Change.  Connect the people.  Communicate the idea.  Commit to the task.

Take up the challenge to lead.

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