Subtext and Mediocrity

The ideas in the title has nothing to do with each other, but I want to share with you the subtext of the story that a friend was sharing tonight about Mediocrity ergo Subtext and Mediocrity.  He did not share it in the way that I’m about to.  These just happened to be my thoughts as he was sharing the story.  I’m not even going to tell you the story.

He described how he was arrested by mediocrity.  As he shared his story, he talked about being stuck in mediocrity – being stuck in the status quo.  He was doing his job, but doing it passionless – going through the motions.  He said that his heart was not in it.  He was arrested by mediocrity.  The mediocrity had taken a hold of him and he was describing how he could not get out of it.  He was stuck in it.

I have often thought about why it is so hard for people to pullout of mediocrity.  We see it all the time.  They manage instead of lead.  They are stuck in it and can’t change.  Well, they can’t change because they are incarcerated by it.  It’s hard to regain freedom when you’re locked up in it.  You cannot pull yourself out of your own mediocrity for you do not have the ability to do it.

There were things that happened that forced him and gave him the freedom to deal with the mediocrity.  But mediocrity when you’re arrested by it – is not that easy to change.  That’s why people get stuck in it.

This was the subtext of the story – that I pulled out.  Everyone that was there might have heard something else, but this idea makes sense to me.

One thought on “Subtext and Mediocrity

  1. I agree with you that it is easy to get stuck in mediocrity. I also think though that at least for me when I was arrested by it, it was only God who could pull me out. And when that happened I was actually almost frustrated because I was so comfortable where I was at but God knew he has something better.

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