LL13: Leadership is Situational

I read this in a book today.  Leadership is situational, and every situation is different.  Because every situation is different and unique, the leadership required for each of those situations will be unique as well.  The principles may be the same.  The theories will work in any situation, but each situation will use a variety of theories and principles.

Not only is every situation different, but if someone is truly leading, there will be constant change that will also affect the situation.  Leadership – true leadership that changes and challenges the status quo will require those that lead to also change with the changes in the organization.

Understanding this concept – for me – has helped me with my responsibilities as a leader.  Knowing that leadership is situational allows for the art and creativity necessary for leadership that produces change.  The changes that come will be unlike anything that has happened before, and since there is no manual for exactly how it will go, a leader has to be ready for the changes in the organization and in themselves.

For all of my Leadership Lessons – the ones that I’m learning, not the ones that I’m teaching.


  1. Leadership is situational, but not totally different from other situations. In other words, they are different, but in many ways the same. That’s why a strong leadership skillset puts you in a good place to deal with many different situations

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