LL14: When the Followers Lead

It is much easier to lead when the followers are leading.  I mean, if you were the king or a micro-managing maniac, you would want to be the only person in control – and you noticed that I said control and not command – for an explanation of that, please refer to LL6.  The king or the mirco-manager can be the only one.

There is something beautiful that happens though when you can empower those that follow you to take the lead.   As the leader, you have empowered the followers to lead so that when you show up – that’s all that you do – show up.  The followers have taken care of everything.

It’s not about just showing up and doing nothing.  Honestly, it is the culmination of all of the work that was done so that the followers can take the lead.  Showing up to do nothing means that you’ve done everything to empower the followers to lead.

The King that cannot take the “follow” will always be incarcerated by his inability.  Whatever the inability of the King will be the limits of his leadership – LL1 if I’m not mistaken.

My lesson that I’m learning is this – I can get more done as a leader if I can empower all that follow me to lead.  Leading leaders or commanding leaders is so much more fun than being the only one.  Quite frankly, I wouldn’t make a great King.

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