LL15: Lead Where You’re At

Leadership is one of the hardest skills to develop – but waiting for an opportunity to lead makes it that much harder.  It’s hard enough when you’re leading, but WAITing to lead may seem like the easy thing.  It just makes becoming a leader harder and a longer process.

I don’t have to WAIT to lead.  I don’t have to WAIT till people are willing to follow.  If I see a need, I can step it up and make it happen – even though I have no idea what to do about it – that’s where the leadership comes in.  It’s the leaders that step into that role and lead.  I do not have to wait for a position.

Even in the position that I am in, I definitely lead in it, but I don’t have to limit myself in leadership.  I can and should make changes wherever I see the need for it – even if it is not in my area of responsibility.  I know that the Leadership Lessons are my lessons – the ones that I am learning, but You can lead where you are at – right now.

For those that dare to lead, you will reap the benefits of leadership.  You can either be the one to ask for permission or you can be the one that people ask permission from.  If you put in the time and the work to lead, you can enjoy the benefits.  I don’t know where you are at, but I do know that it is possible to be a leader right there.  There are things happening all around us that require leadership, and we need you.

For all of my Leadership Lessons.

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