Twitter Resistance

I read about Twitter Resistance – actually, the main idea of what I read was focused on something completely different.  The Twitter Resistance stood out to me.  It was an article about making change and leading through the changing technological and leadership landscape.  Those that have Twitter Resistance are afraid of it.  They make excuses about how they don’t need to do it or they don’t want to be like those that do.  The emerging technologies represent a change of the way that things are done.  Twitter represents the new way that things are done.  According to the author – it’s a resistance to change.

I have to think about this more.  I have twitter.  You might have found this post because it automatically posts to Twitter when I publish this.  I think the thing that I’m most interested in is when I read the words Twitter Resistance – it was easy to think of people that have resisted it, and I’m not talking about the old guys.  I almost expect them to, but younger people that just don’t want to tap into the power of it.

Of course, the old guys are the ones that are saying that it’ll be something else in next year, and it might be.  For right now though, it’s hard to resist.

Are you a resister?  Do you believe in Twitter Resistance?

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