LL19: Leaders Swim

So I read a quote by Henry Mintzberg and he said that “Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learnt by reading about it.”  This is concept builds on the idea in LL5 about making it up, and LL15 where you lead right where you are at – it is also situational like LL13.

There is no manual to what you need to do in any situation you are in as a leader.  You can work on transferable leadership skills no matter what position you are in, but there is no right way of “doing leader.”  You just jump in there and start leading.  There are changes that you can make and others that require you to sell the idea (LL17).  Sometimes you have to collaborate with those around you.  Sometimes you have to ask around before you make the changes.  Sometimes you build people up in order to change the culture.  Whatever the tactic – that doesn’t really matter much; the goal though is that lead.

I have being doing a ton of reading on Leadership.  These guys have done it.  There are those that write about leadership and have opinions about it, but they aren’t leading.  You can tell the difference, but I’m not here to judge.  My lesson is that leadership swims; leadership dives right in.

For all of my Leadership Lessons.

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