Working Hard

Does working hard matter?  This morning at the restaurant that I had breakfast at, I watched one of the cooks walk out of the kitchen.  He had to walk to the supermarket to get more supplies – eggs and oil I think.  When he came back you could see on his face that he was working hard.  As he walked past me, I could see that his shirt was drenched in sweat.  He wasn’t the youngest man – had the years impressed on his face.  He was up early today, and by 7 am had worked so hard that he was sweating.

I wanted to feel sorry for him, but I couldn’t.  Let me rephrase that.  I was impressed by this cook that I watched this morning.  He was working hard.  I was impressed that no matter how hard it was to work back in the kitchen – it seem hard for him to simply walk – no matter how hard it was, he did it.  He worked hard.   I can think of a few people that aren’t working – not the ones that aren’t working but looking for a job.  I’m talking about the ones that aren’t working and aren’t looking for a job.  I don’t know what the reasons are for it; it’s none of my business.  But they’re not working hard.

I thought about me and my job.  My job sometimes makes me sweat like the cook.  You can’t see the fruits always of my hard work, and I’m not even comparing jobs.  It really doesn’t matter what the job is – it’s about doing your absolute best and working as hard as you can at it.  There’s something so admirable about working hard.  I love seeing people that work hard – no matter what the job.  The guy that sits at his desk or the guy at the road in the hot sun.  It’s great to see people working hard.  I appreciate hard work.  Do you work hard?

3 thoughts on “Working Hard

  1. Playing hard is the other part of the equation of course, to create balance. There are 24 page links about job finding from a remarkable organization called Mahalo on my blog
    where they still need millions more participants to learn, share knowledge and earn spare change in a moderated respectful social networking and knowledge creation environment. Check it out!

    1. That’s pretty good. I’m going to write a follow up on playing hard – after I think about it some. Great comment. You from Hawaii? I’ll check out your organization. I grew up on Oahu. I’ll check it out.

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