Facebook = Missions

You don’t have to be in another country to do missions.  I just went to a conference on missions and it drove me absolutely nuts to hear speakers talk about it is this thing that somehow is in the future; it is this thing that happens in another country; it is this thing somehow only the select few can take part in.  It bothered me.

I heard speakers say things like “one day you’re gonna know….” or “when you experience the call.”  They try to be inspiring, but there’s nothing more uninspiring that what they “can one day do in the future.”  Lame.

When it was my turn to speak to students – I asked if they all had Facebook.  Some of them had hundreds and hundreds of friends.  I told them that they didn’t have to wait till they were out of high school or out of the country.  Every time they logged onto Facebook, they entered into their mission field.  They didn’t have to wait to be called – they’re already called.  They didn’t have to go anywhere because the mission field came to them – every notification, every update can be a missions opportunity.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Facebook = Missions

  1. Dude…your ol buddy ol pal Josh here. I see where you’re coming from but also get frustrated myself with your perspective because when everything is missions how do you distinguish sharing the gospel with your friends from proclaiming Christ where he hasn’t been preached. Is there any difference in your mind between missions and evangelism. If words matter, and they do, the roots, denotative, and connotative meanings of those words are distinct, so then why use them interchangeably?

    1. Hi Josh. Good hearing from you. Thanks for the comment. I’m sorry that you’re frustrated with my perspective. Part of that is on purpose; part of it is vague enough so that anyone that reads this will think about it-comment-get frustrated-whatever. I’m just learning how to do this; learning how to write for this audience (whoever my audience is; I have no idea who reads this until I get a comment or talk to someone about it)
      Here’s the quick answer to your question. Yes, there’s a difference between missions and evangelism. That post was a reaction people saying that “one day, when God reveals it to you, you can do missions.” I think missions is something we can do now; we don’t have to wait.
      We need to pray all the time; Give thanks in everything; Submit always. I think that everything can be worship. I think that we can pray in all things. I think that we can be about missions in everything that we do. I think that we can be about missions in everything that we do. I am not sure I would use them interchangeably – but I can be about missions and evangelism at the same time – what I might be at a particular moment might call for one of them, but I can be about it all the time. There’s a difference – but I’m about both. I don’t have to wait like the missionaries were telling the kids that they had to.
      What’s your blog? I want to follow you man.

      1. That’s fair–I’m always up for a good goad to provoke discussion and thought. So in that sense, you got me to bite. I’ve been a faithful reader but I’m not always a faithful commentor.

        My question remains, what’s the difference between the two? Where does one end and the other begin?

      2. What if the conversation was about becoming more like Jesus? What if that was the goal? Actually, it’s about becoming like Jesus and making disciples – You’re a good C&MA pastor. The goal isn’t evangelism or missions – it’s about discipleship. It’s about becoming like Jesus. If it’s becoming like Jesus – then whether you know him or not – or have been a Christian for forever it’s all the same – how am I becoming more like Jesus and Jesus was about evangelism and missions. Why does one have to start in order for the other to begin? Maybe I’m not understanding the questions – “If the questions remains – what’s the difference?” That questions already begins with some presuppositions. Does there need to be a difference? What if it’s the wrong focus or the wrong question?

      3. Don’t get slippery on me. We can presume the goal is for people to become more like Jesus. The goal is not evangelism, missions, or discipleship. Those are all means toward the end of the salvation and sanctification of people that they might give glory to God (ultimate goal). That being said, however, historically we have defined certain words to describe certain means of accomplishing that goal. You initially posited that students can do missions through their facebook account (i.e. anyone can do missions and be a missionary anywhere). My response was, what is the difference, in your opinion, between evangelism and missions, or are they the same. Historically they have not been the same but maybe you are speaking from a position that uses those labels of the means of reaching people with the gospel interchangeably. If you think they’re the same then of course you would call what you described missions. If you don’t think they are the same, that, in fact, they are different and we need to call people to both then it really does no favor to your students to not teach the differences and importance of both.

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