LL20: What Prevents You from Leading

If leadership was so easy, more people would do it.  Recently, a student asked me what I taught our leadership program.  He wanted to know what leadership principles I would teach.  I could definitely teach MY leadership lessons that I’ve shared in this blog, but I told him that I do not primarily teach leadership principles – they can learn those on their own.  What I do – and this is something that I’m learning – is I help them understand the lies that they have believed that prevent them from leading.

Whenever I hear one of my students say that they can’t do this or that they are too young or give me some other excuse as to why they can’t lead, I process through that with them.  They have chosen to listen to the lies that they have been told that prevent them from leading.  Lies that tell them that they can’t do it or that they’re too young.

Leaders have the ability to work through the lies.  Leaders have the ability to examine themselves and sort out the lies from the truth.  In the rare instance where an excuse is a reality, we celebrate the fact that they have determined their limits in leadership (click on it for further information).  Leaders have the ability to overcome the excuses and lead through them.  It is hard work.  If it was that easy, everyone would do it, but it is not. .

Do you know the lies that you believe that prevent you from leading?

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