LL21: Always Find a Way

Leaders always find a way.  When people can’t figure it out – when there isn’t anything else that anyone can do – leaders find a way.  Leaders don’t quit.  Leaders don’t really give excuses for why it can’t be done.  They figure it out.  They use their creativity and perseverance to work out one other way.

It’s not a normal leadership quality is it – creativity.  They are the ones that think outside of the box (doesn’t that sound so cliche?).  It’s not just about the task at hand though.  It’s not just about the creativity needed in order to think of the solution in a different way.  It’s not just about the strategy or the tactic where leaders find a way to figure out the problem.  Leaders find a way on the inside.  Leaders find a way to motivate themselves or others on their team.  Leaders dig deep and find a way to work through the emotions and the pain.  Leaders don’t settle-they find a way.

As a quick reminder, these are my leadership lessons – the ones that I’m learning in leadership.

For the rest of my leadership lessons, please click here.

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