Perspective – 71 degrees

It was cold today in San Diego – 60’s I think.  I came home tonight, and it was cold tonight – nevermind that I was in a t-shirt and shorts, it was cold.  When I came into my house, it was warmer – 71 degrees.  It felt warmer compared to what the temperature was outside.

By the time I went to check the thermostat, it read 71 degrees.

My first thought was – 71 doesn’t really feel all that warm.

My second thought was – when I lived in Minnesota a few years ago, 70 was super warm.  Of course, I remember seeing my indoor/outdoor thermometer telling me that there was a hundred degree difference.  70 degrees inside and -37 degrees outside makes 70 degrees pretty warm.  71 didn’t feel warm tonight.  What a great lesson in perspective.

The lesson 71 degrees can feel both warm and cold depending on the temperature difference —- and the month —- and the state you live in I guess.

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