Walk the Walk

I was in Barnes and Noble tonight, and I picked up a book.  I ended up buying another book – Clever – I forget the authors, but this first book that I was looking at had a line in it.  I think it was about leadership, but the line was “Walk the walk.”  Then after that line, the author went on to suggest an example.

His example was Al Gore – who walks around talking and preaching about global warming.  He has created an impressive powerpoint program that has won him a Nobel Prize.  Did you know that there is a training that you can to to learn how to give his powerpoint presentation – and you pay for it.  His presentation was presented tonight (no matter what night you read this) all over the country.

That wasn’t the point though-actually, that’s what I know about him and his powerpoint.  Back to the “walk the walk” line.  That author shared that Al Gore along with his powerpoint presentation and Nobel Prize lives in a 10,000 square foot house that’s an energy guzzling home.  Al Gore does not “walk the walk.”

No one is perfect, but he’s making a ton of money off of it.

2 thoughts on “Walk the Walk

    1. I have been thinking about that since I read your comment this morning. I was thinking about it in light of Al Gore and then in light of the thousands of pastors that preach every Sunday morning. I don’t think anyone is perfect. Al Gore isn’t perfect – but he stinking won an Nobel Prize. Who am I to criticize him? He’s brought about global change. Pastors on Sundays preach – People’s lives are being changed – I don’t think anyone’s perfect. I think that line isn’t the same for everyone and I think it’ a little blurred. I love the people are preaching, but ultimately, God uses vessels that are weak and imperfect. We can talk about imperfect man and their hypocrisy or we can talk about a perfect God that can even use a powerpoint to change the way that people think about His creation. I guess, the line is God can use anyone for His purposes.

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