Medium and Message

I’m working through the book Clever.

I just started reading the book so I’m not that far into it, but I came across a fascinating line.  I’ll share the line, but you’ll have to buy the book to get the context.  The line is – “If anything, I’m more fascinated with reality than I am with games.  Games just happen to be a convenient medium to express my fascination with reality….”  It’s on page 5 if you buy the book.

There is a difference between what you really are about and the medium.  The author was saying that so many people are about the medium that they totally forget about the real reason for why they’re doing what they’re doing.  Even the book itself – was to try and figure out how to become more successful and make more money – by understanding how to use clever people.

Sometimes we confuse the medium as being more important than the message.  The medium is the way to communicate it – and some people just want to be all about that.  But what are you really saying?  What are you really about?  What are you in the business of doing?  If your primary motivation is the medium and not the experience – you’re missing out.

Do you get my message?  Do you get the irony of this message?

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