The Hairstyle Changes, but the People Don’t

I recently had a conversation on Facebook.  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a conversation – more a comments-ation – where everyone’s talking to each other, but through comments.

We were commenting on a picture that was taken 18 years ago.  I was 18 at the time.  It was posted on Facebook, and there we were 18 years younger than we are now – looking very different.  We commented on the sweaters and the clothing and the hairstyles.

This led to a reconnecting of old friends and checking out everyone’s look today.  It was a great comments-ation about a bunch of things.  If you’re on Facebook, check out my profile and find the picture of us with the comments-ation.

As I read through the comments, I was overcome by the idea that these are my friends.  These are relationships of the past, but they are also relationships of the present.  I love these guys – just like I loved them 18 years ago.  They are still friends.  I remember telling them – that they were my family – because I had traveled so far for college.  They became my family, and our team leaders became our parents.

When you look at their faces and their hair – that’s changed.  When you interact with them – even in a comments-ation – you see that they’re pretty much the same people.  Same sense of humor.  Same comments, and the ones interacting on the web through comments were pretty much the same people doing all the talking back in the day.

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