LL23: The Leader’s Responsibility

[As I prepare to write this, I cannot help but think about how I’m not sure I am going to convince many of you about this.  In light of my last post, I find it ironic that I’m thinking things way, but we’ll see what happens.]

A leader needs to always take responsibility for those that he leads – always.  Now I understand that the every individual has to ultimately take responsibility for their individual actions, but I would like to think that as a leader, I am still responsible for their actions in leadership.

I heard of a story this weekend where a leader was blaming someone that worked for him for being irresponsible.  The leader had a laundry list of offenses – that had gone unchecked.  Then he wanted to blame one of his staff for his irresponsiblity – by not addressing the issues earlier.  It doesn’t matter how true the accusations were.  The individual working for the boss could have done all of those things the he was accusing him of doing, but the responsibility is still the leader’s.  He didn’t address the issues.  He should have been on top of it.  If he was truly leading, then there wouldn’t be anything to address.  He let things go and he needs to take responsibility for it.

When you as a leader find yourself yelling at someone that is working for you and/or following you – take responsibility for not leading well.  Ultimately, you weren’t leading and now you’re yelling.  Yelling at someone is not leading.  It’s making yourself feel better.  No one deserves that – especially since you were not leading.

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