Fruit Fast

So I went on a bit of a fruit fast this week.  I wanted to try it because some friends that worked at the farmer’s market gave me a great deal on fruit.  It’s also super healthy for you and evidently, the fruit fast gives your digestive system a break – because fruit is so easy to break down.

Well, I did fruit for breakfast and lunch – as much as possible.  Then for dinner I ate meals that weren’t processed and super healthy.  It was a great week.

I didn’t do it to lose weight, but I did do it for health.  When you stop eating all that processed stuff and you just healthy stuff – your body tells you right away that it appreciates it.  You can just feel all of that unhealthy stuff leave your body and you start to feel great.

What I also realized as I was conscious about my eating this week is that I really don’t eat too many bad things.  Most things that I eat are fresh and pretty healthy.

The only time that I do not eat healthy is when I’m in a rush.  When I haven’t planned well and I fall behind, the first thing that I throw out the window is what I eat.  The trip to McDonalds is quite convenient.   It’s a great lesson for me to think that when I rush, I eat junk.  I’m not judging anyone that eats junk – you’re responsible for you, but I will change my habits for health.

For me – rushing leads to bad eating.  I need to be conscious of what I eat.

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