LL24: Distributed Leadership

As I described in the opening paragraph of the Leadership Lessons section of this blog, I follow a few blogs on leadership.  I came across a post from @metacool (Diego Rodriguez at Stanford School of Business) – here’s his post.  His post was on the Circle of Influence – a shift in the leadership paradigm.  The shift is from a centralized/concentrated center of power and more toward a networked and distributed/decentralized network of power – as best as I understand the concept.

It has become about Centers of Influence.  Influence and persuation in relationships and networks are more powerful than power and information holders – it is no longer about kings from up front.  Anyone in the crowd and the organization can have influence and make change that “leadership” has to respond to.

Leadership is shifting to be more horizontally relational and not so vertical.  Senior and executive leaders need to be conscious of the world of possibilities and the influence of the properly networked.

How well are you networking?  It can only help your leadership.

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