LL25: Faith in Your Leadership

As a reminder, these leadership lessons are my own.  This is what I am learning about leadership, and they might even be amazingly simple and elementary but they are my lessons nonetheless.

Leadership requires faith.  I’m not talking about faith in Jesus as Christians understand it.  I’m just talking about belief.  One definition suggests that it is confident belief…..in a person…..that does not rest on logic or proof.  Did you catch that?  Not the belief part – not the person part – the part that says that it does not rest on logic or proof.  This idea that even if it doesn’t make sense that somehow – in someway – you believe it to be true.

Leadership requires faith – a confident belief in one’s self – no matter how unlikely and unreal —- and impossible.  Leadership requires that you have faith in the fact that you are a leader.  No one makes you a leader.  A position – even one that requires you to lead, doesn’t make you a leader.

You must have faith in your leadership.  You must have faith that you lead – this belief that doesn’t rest on logic or proof that in fact you are a leader.  I cannot give that to you.  I might be able to encourage you, but you have to have faith in your leadership abilities.  I must have faith in my ability to lead – no matter how impossible that might sound.  In the leading you increase your faith – and your faith in turn grows.  Your leadership also grows.

Leadership requires faith, but faith that you are a leader is your first step.

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