Using Twitter to Drive Your Blog

It only takes one tweet or one retweet in order for a high powered Twitter user to expose your writing to hundreds and thousands of people.  People typically find your blog posts via Twitter.  Check out this article about it.

But people will only retweet your stuff if you write great content, but if you aren’t writing at all, there’s no content so write.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t do it well – for now – just write.

Actually, it’s not even about the writing.  It’s more about the passion that drives the writing.  So be passionate.  If you are passionate about something – the writing is easy.  Then let Twitter drive your stuff.

When you start writing or if you’re already writing and I’m not reading your stuff, send me a link to your rss feed.  I’ll add you to my reader or give me your Twitter account so that I can follow you.

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