Some Things Can’t Be Taught

in the classroom.  There are just things about life that just cannot be taught out of a book – in a classroom.  There are many things that just can’t be learned in a classroom either.

In fact, learning in the classroom only challenges a few of the intelligences.  There are so many things that can be learned – just by doing it.

I guess it’s interesting for someone that works at an institution of higher learning to be okay with learning outside of the classroom.  Don’t misunderstand me.   I love the classroom (well, the teacher side of it).  I believe in it, but there are so many other places to learn.  Not everyone is made for learning in the classroom.  There are so many modes of learning that the classroom cannot cover or touch.  I love learning.  I love teaching.  I believe in the academic pursuit, but it’s not the only one.  There are so many other ways to learn and even more ways to learn it – like living your life.  Life happens in the classroom, but it isn’t life.  For many people – their grades are their life.  That’s a bummer of an existence.  Maybe they can learn that – but probably not in the classroom.

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