My Job and Living Like Jesus

I updated my Facebook status today with the fact that I just “finished the year of living like Jesus,” and I wasn’t thinking about the fact that it’s the end of the year/decade.  So it looked like I had done so this past year, but what I meant was that I had finished the book (of all the days to finish a book with that title, it had to be the last day of this year).

I responded to the comments and you can check out what I said here.  It hit me that one of the reasons why I am not able to live like Jesus is because I work somewhere that prevents me from doing things that Jesus did.  Ed faced the same issue – as he became VP overseeing Student Life – same as me.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many things that I can do that Jesus did.  I can pray.  Take care of those less fortunate than I.  Be in community.  I can do all of those things, but I am not able to do some of the things that Ed did (to live like Jesus).  Please don’t misunderstand me.  I love my job.  I love the school and the students that God has blessed me with.  I am blessed to do what I do.  Thank you Lord.

I have often said that Jesus wouldn’t make it at our college because he’d be about wine, hanging out with the wrong people, and breaking all kinds of rules (for my students reading this, that excuse won’t fly if you break rules).  But as I have listened to the gospel this week, Jesus didn’t come for the righteous.  He came for those that needed him.  He hung out with people and took care of needs.

Even though I can’t do everything that Jesus did, I can still live like Jesus in all the other things.  What an exciting challenge to try and figure out how I can model for my students how to live like Jesus – even in light of the ways that I am not allowed to – I can still show them Jesus.

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