Song Meaning Websites

Have you ever checked them out?  They’re pretty interesting – websites set up to allow individuals to post what they think is the meaning of particular songs.  It’s just an organized way for anyone to randomly put their own meanings to songs that they did not write.  I found it fasicnating that another purpose it served was a place to ridicule someone else’s ideas.

In terms of Identity theories – typically, people will post a meaning that sheds light on their identity – whether they’re being serious or just ridiculing someone else’s ideas – they’re still communicating something about who they are?

Everything communicates – many things communicate “who you are.”

After checking out some of these websites – I still don’t know the meaning behind the specific song that I was looking for.  I might add some thoughts though on the site.  Maybe I can have someone ridicule me – but what does that say about me?

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