The Price of an iPhone

If you buy the cheapest iPhone right now – it is only 49 bucks for a refurbished 8 gig iPhone.  The cheapest individual plan is 40 bucks a month.  The data plan is 30 bucks a month – making the montly bill 70 bucks – that’s without text messaging.  That’s the cheapest bare bones plan for the iphone.  It’s a 2 year minimum contract bringing your total to 1680.00 just for the service.  If you add the cheapest text messaging at 5 bucks-it’s 120.00 for the 2 years.  If you don’t buy any ringtones or go ever your minutes – your total for the 2 years for the cheapest, refurbished iphone is 1849.00 – for a phone.

The price of an iPhone is – 1849.00.

2 thoughts on “The Price of an iPhone

  1. Josh, I don’t know what’s more sobering – 1849 for an awesome phone or 1080 for a free old one. That’s crazy that even a free old Nokia costs that much.

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