Charger Identity

It’s been almost a week since the Charger’s loss.  I watched the game in South Lake Tahoe with a few Charger fans, but because I was in Tahoe, there wasn’t much conversation about it while I was up there.

I’m in Encinitas today at a Starbucks.  I am back in San Diego and a group of guys were talking about the Chargers not winning the Super Bowl.  They then talked about the “bandwagon” fans” that not so true fans.  Then one guy started talking about true fans; the ones that really understand it; the ones who’s identity is the Chargers.  Those are the true fans.  Those are the ones that are hurt.  Those are the ones that felt that sense of loss – because it wasn’t just the Charger’s that lost – they lost.  it reminds me of a previous post.

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