Facebook Vanity URL

Have you already claimed your Facebook page or unique name or vanity url?  If not, you should.  When Facebook rolls out Titan (here’s my previous post about it) which is Facebook’s full serviced email client – you better have your unique name or vanity url so that no one else has your name or vanity.

I sat in a presentation today.  The author is about to release his next book.  I checked all the keywords for his book on FB, and he hadn’t claimed the FB page or vanity urls for his book.  When he goes to build his FB page with his keyword – he’s not going to be able to get it.

In similar news – http://www.twitter.com/dennys – is not owned by Denny’s restaurant, but they have printed it on all of their menus.  It belongs to Denny Hsieh from Taiwan.  Dennys (the restaurant) is not going to reprint their menus.

Go get your vanity urls – and let’s help each other get our urls.  Let’s help each other out.

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