Johnny Depp’s Identity Formation #JohnnyDepp

I am fascinated by identity and what it does to people. I was reading an article on Johnny Depp and his relationship with Tim Burton. They’ve done a few movies together, and this particular article was exploring their relationship. It was filled with Identity Formation insights – mostly for Johnny Depp.

1. Johnny Depp acts better when his entire face is covered up; a projected identity; someone that’s not really him.
2. The teen sensation that was Johnny Depp during 21 Jumpstreet was not the true self. It was not even close to a projected version of Johnny Depp that even Johnny Depp wanted to portray. That was Hollywood’s version. He didn’t like that one so much.
3. Tim Burton saw something inside of him. “People thought of him in a certain way that wasn’t accurate. There’s a painful quality when you grow up and you’re not perceived correctly.”

These are not big secrets. You know he’s a great actor, acting in some huge movies, but the identity formation theories would suggest that he is quite comfortable in his real self. He also creates some beautiful projected selves – and somehow – it all comes from a very real place within himself.

You can create some amazing projected selves, but they find it’s foundation in who you truly, really are. Johnny Depp has done it. He makes a ton of money doing it.

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