Switch by Chip and Dan Heath

Chip and Dan Heath wrote the book Made to Stick, and their latest book is Switch: How to change things when change is hard. I heard Chip Heath speak today.  He presented the main ideas of the book.  I also got a copy of the book and a year’s subscription of Fast Company.

The Heath brothers studied Change and shared their ideas of how to make Change happen.  They start by describing the 2 sides of the brain – the rational brain and the emotional brain.  The rational brain represents our analytical tendencies, and the emotional brain is a much bigger and much hard part that’s hard to move.  In fact, they use the elephant as a metaphor for the emotional brain and the rider of the elephant as the rational.

There are 3 main ideas – Motivate the Elephant, Direct the Rider, and the last thing is Shape the Path.

The presentation today will be fodder for some other blog posts that you’ll see soon.  This is definitely a book that I would recommend or just borrow mine when I’m done with it.

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